Use Software to Enhance Competitive Advantage.

There are many advantages of implementing an ERP system for your business. Innovative reporting capabilities, possibilities for automation, more efficient processes across departments, and more. If you’re transitioning from manual processes, the advantages are obvious. However, there is a second aspect to take into consideration when evaluating various options. Can the latest system improve your competitive edge?

Your competitive advantage is any kind of procedure, product, or service that provides your company an advantage over its competitors. For instance, it might be your quick delivery or shipping times, your competitive pricing and customer service, loyalty programs, your distinctive product offerings, or any combination of the above. While it might be beneficial to tailor your software to enhance your competitive edge You may also realize that an effective ERP Solutions in California already comes with all the functions you require, right out of the box.

Fast & Reliable Shipping.

Today, next-day or same-day shipping is now the norm because of retailers such as Amazon. If your company is renowned for speedy shipping times or local delivery You must ensure that the new software you choose to use can help you gain that competitive edge. When you are evaluating various software providers look for one that has the following features:

  • Rate-shopping options to make sure you get the best price on shipping
  • Barcode scanning using wireless technology will help you select your orders quicker and fewer mistakes in picking
  • Integration with shipping companies to seamlessly share package address, shipping address, and tracking data between your ERP and the shipping carrier you prefer.

Excellent Customer Service.

The term “customer service” as an advantage may be used to refer to various things. It could be a customized service by an in-house team of experts, it could be a fantastic loyalty program or return policy, or even free services that are included when you purchase certain items. Whatever the reason one of the key elements of providing excellent customer service is having the appropriate information that is accessible to the right individuals at the appropriate moment. A Customized ERP Software in California with the capability of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality can assist you in managing various customer accounts. It also includes capabilities to:

  • Monitoring communication with various customers and people.
  • Setting up follow-up tasks and scheduling the next date for action.
  • The ability to quickly create a quote, sales order, or search for sales records of customers.
  • Function to send information automatically via the system.
  • The ability to manage lists of marketing for promotions or for organizing the specifics of a product or customer’s purchase.

Value Pricing.

If your company provides competitive pricing, you must manage the pricing in your software. The manual process of tracking multiple price contracts or volume discounts promotions, pricing, and so on. for each client and for various products can be extremely time-consuming and susceptible to mistakes. You should instead choose a system that offers the following services:

  • It allows you to create different pricing levels for various clients and items.
  • It has automated methods for determining the most effective price when creating an order for a new sale.
  • It has tools to alter prices based on special offers.
  • It allows you to create a hierarchy of pricing guidelines.

A Unique Product Offering.

A third and most typical competitive advantage is having a distinct product line or exclusive partnerships with manufacturers and distributors. Some businesses also stay competitive because they can easily procure “hard-to-find” items. In any event, it’s essential to use software to manage the inventory levels of your business to ensure that you have enough supplies to satisfy customer demands. You should look for software  made by ERP Software Developer in California that permits you to:

  • Create a purchase order easily using a sales purchase order when the item is not in stock.
  • Provide alternatives or similar items if the item is unavailable.
  • Track the product while it is in transit or in the water.
  • Set inventory minimum and maximum levels, and alerts instances when the stock is low.

Competitive advantage differentiates you from your competitors and keeps your customers returning. Therefore, you should be able to enhance your competitive edge as your company grows and demands to alter. Find a partner for software that can not only help you build your competitive edge but also provide features and products that aid in enhancing it.

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