Things About Buying Restaurant POS System in Michigan

Things No One Tells You About Buying a New POS.

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of information salespeople throw at you when you’re searching for a new Restaurant Management Software Solutions in Michigan. These little-known secrets can help you avoid getting overwhelmed when shopping for a new point-of-sale system. These are five things most people don’t know when buying a new POS.

Always purchase software before hardware

Restaurant owners often make the common mistake of picking out hardware components before deciding which POS software provider to use. Each provider will have minimum hardware requirements. Many pieces of hardware won’t be interchangeable. You could find that not all of the hardware you purchased, such as PIN pads, bar code scanners and fingerprint sensors, is compatible with your new provider’s software. This can be avoided by making sure you don’t purchase new hardware before you have made a decision about your point-of sale software.

Installation costs are often higher than the quoted price.

Many POS companies will allow you to itemize your quotes. You can get a better understanding of the cost of each component of your the Restaurant Point of Sale Software in Michigan by itemizing. Even the most detailed quote sheet won’t help if all the items aren’t included. Hidden costs are often found in the installation of the point-of sale.

On-site installation usually means that you are responsible for travel and accommodation costs. However, you may not be aware of this if it is not included in the quote. Not to mention the cost of training you or your staff on the new system. What may seem low at first might end up costing you a lot when hidden costs are accounted for. This is usually when you receive your bill.

It’s worth spending the money for good support

Most restaurant owners view POS support as an additional cost that has minimal to no impact on their business. Poor POS support can make a huge difference in your business, as any restaurant owner who has experienced it will attest.

To resolve any problem quickly, you will need the best customer service available. Waiting for a solution will hurt your profits, customer experience, and your company’s reputation. When it comes to support services, you need to pay close attention to the average wait time.

Cloud Reporting is Priceless

Restaurant POS Systems in Michigan should not be restricted to your restaurant’s walls. A restaurant owner who is invested will want to visit their restaurant even if they aren’t there. You will need a point of sale with cloud reporting capabilities to do this. Standard POSs won’t allow you to access your reports beyond the home terminal. This is usually located at the front counter, or in the manager’s office at the back. Once you leave the building, your business operations are basically unknown to you.

Upgrade to a POS that offers cloud reporting and you can monitor your restaurant from any location. You can access real-time data from all your restaurants as long as you have a internet-connected device.

All-in-One Isn’t Always Best

The software, hardware and additional components required to create a complete POS system include payment processors, online ordering providers and loyalty program providers. Depending on the POS company that you choose to partner with, you may not always have the option of choosing which providers you use for these additional services.

If you are looking to save money and still get the best Restaurant Point of Sale System in Michigan, you might want to find a provider that allows you to select which services you use for loyalty programs, payment processing, or other operations. These tips are not easy to remember. Once you have these tips, it will be much easier to find a point of sale system that you are happy with.

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