How Odoo CRM is Better Than Others.

In an age where everything is moving fast online and business activities are fueled by the technology of technology, the old method of running a company in a labor-intensive manner appears to be outdated. It is time to automatize all aspects of the business process and this is supported by a variety of CRM tools that simplify several processes that businesses use.

From the biggest organization with 3,00,000 users to startups that have only one user, all get the benefit of Odoo ERP Services in New York. What exactly is it that makes Odoo CRM so effective? What is it that makes it the top CRM of all?

Factors that make Odoo CRM a winner.

Ease of Use.

One of the main factors that have increased the popularity of Odoo CRM with users is user-friendliness. It’s due to an easy UI that has been constructed in a manner that users are able to access the most important features in just a few clicks. Additionally, the breadcrumb feature can help users to move between important pages.

The capabilities in the software suite that are controlled by a single operation single page and a single database give the ability to operate with seamless efficiency. Additionally, Odoo provides the power to run a business in its reach using the mobile-friendly version in its Odoo software.

Personalization Customer Interaction.

Interacting with customers extends beyond the creation of new leads. It’s also about educating customers about the business’s services as well as any important piece of information that consumers should be aware of. It is essential to build an image that is appropriate for the company in the minds of clients.

In the present, it is imperative to give personalized attention to customers who are talking to leads through phone messages, mail, or even text. Responding to their inquiries is another method to strengthen customer relations. Odoo ERP Implementation Services in New York provides the infrastructure to facilitate this type of two-way communication that keeps the customers engaged.

Database Management.

The dedicated client database is one of the primary elements that allows users of Odoo to gain information on prospective clients while on the move. Information can be accessed via various devices. Furthermore, archives can be tracked all the way back to the CRM frame for managing the most important marketing activities.

It is also crucial to remember that with a single database, the risk of leaks of information between clients is eliminated. Additionally, there is the security aspect that will be addressed later.

Lead-based Activity.

There is a lot of focus on keeping customers of the past however, in these instances it’s easy to forget the significance of getting new customers. Odoo CRM is a great solution. Odoo CRM suite will keep you on the right track with lead generation through numerous tools to collect more than the email address of customers.

Odoo CRM suite gets you closer to leads via different social media channels that give you details about the client. Additionally, there is the activity calendar, which is a great tool to communicate to prospective customers and later transform a substation part of them into important leads. Then, they can turn into customers.

Third-Party Integration.

Odoo’s function extends beyond CRM functions and it extends to help with the accounting process and also in Odoo ERP software. In addition, there is the integration of software for inventory management. In reality, if you’re using Open Source Software Solutions in New York, it is easy to connect to the stack with seamless third-party integration. Therefore, you must subscribe to different software since cost-effective third-party integration can do that for you. Furthermore, switching between various applications is almost instantaneous.


The strength that is Odoo in shaping businesses is tapping into the untapped abilities to expand. Through the years, Odoo has made several significant additions to give an extensive CRM solution tag. A few of its distinctive options include the ability to disable or enable the requirement for signatures when it comes to delivery. Additionally, it has a completely redesigned dashboard that makes it easy to handle various tasks. The updates are made each year, and following the pandemic, new updates appear to be in line with the goals of the company to create an efficient digital infrastructure.

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