Essential Features of Retail POS Software.

Mid-market and enterprise retail stores need to choose a point of sales system in order to run a business efficiently. There is often the misconception that point-of-sale systems are one-size-fits-all. Many retailers gravitate to POS systems that are free or that claim to be an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) but don’t have this capability. It is crucial to find the right point-of-sale system for your retail business. These are the top Retail Shop Point of Sale System in California features that every retailer should have:

Offline Capability.

Retailers need a point-of-sale system that can be used offline. This means that even if the internet goes down, your point of sale system will still work and you can process payments as well as collect customer data. It’s easy to continue your business while the system is up and running. All transactions and data will be added and processed once it comes back online.

Mobile Payments.

It must offer seamless mobile payments. Mobile payments are slowly making their way into the mainstream. However, the Retail POS offers a seamless mobile payment solution that allows retailers to make the checkout process fast and provides customers with an alternative payment option in case they forget their wallets.

Sales Rep Capture.

Retail Shop Point of Sale System Software in California records individual sales reps or employee information can help store owners and managers who already have a lot on their plates to reduce their workload. This feature allows store managers to calculate employee commission and show which employees are the most successful. It also helps them decide if they need to change their job or get additional training.

Digital Receipts.

While digital receipts are becoming more common in retail stores, most retailers still offer paper receipts. Many paper receipts are thrown away, or left in the shopping bag where they will never be seen again. Customers should receive digital receipts from retailers. Digital receipts are more likely to be lost or stolen by customers. Having your store name appear in customers’ inboxes or on their phones helps you get in front of them. It’s a win-win situation for all!

Gift Cards.

Retail Shop POS System Software in California must be able to easily distribute and process gift card orders. Gift cards can bring in additional sales that your business may not normally get. Your point-of-sale system will have a gift card function that allows you to quickly ring up gift cards and process them. You can also offer store credit refunds.

Standard Tax.

Retailers who have multiple locations across the country will benefit from an integrated tax management tool. This important feature allows store owners and managers to automate their business functions, including sales tax compliance and auditing through their POS system.

Discounts & Coupons.

It is essential that you choose a point-of-sale system with an easy-to-use discount and coupon feature. Point-of-sale systems that allow price changes and scannable coupon codes make it easy for customers and employees to check out. When there are many customers in line, you don’t want employees waiting to calculate the discount or worrying about whether they will be validating your promotion.

Centralized Customer Management.

Retailers can capture customer data at their point of sale. This allows them to use the information to monitor sales patterns, create marketing campaigns, and much more. Although many point-of-sale systems can capture customer data, this information doesn’t automatically transfer to the CRM. It allows retailers to manage customer data from the front to the back end. This allows for accurate store analytics.

Centralized Product Management.

Retail Store Management Software in California with central product management is essential. Retailers can use a POS System to better manage their inventory, supply chains, and product pricing. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly from the warehouse to the shopfront.

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