Benefits of Switching to Cloud-based POS system.

Customers’ expectations change constantly. Are you able to adapt your business to meet these changing expectations? Your legacy POS system might not be agile enough for modern retail environments. Cloud-based POS systems are more flexible and easier to access. The big question is, does switching to a cloud-based system make sense?

Your solution does not have cloud capabilities so you will have to perform the two-hour upgrade on each terminal within your store. If you lose power mid-way through, there is no backup and you will have to start over. But with Restaurant Management Software Solutions in California, these things won’t occur. Do you find yourself tearing your hair out thinking about it? While your legacy system is not without its problems, you aren’t sure that a cloud-based solution would be the best for your store. Then let’s have some more clarity.

Benefits of Cloud-based POS System.

Cloud-based POS systems allow you to access your data and software remotely from anywhere. While cloud-based systems have more mobile capabilities than traditional systems, they also offer other benefits such as greater accessibility from any location. However, there are some limitations to this system, such as its dependence on the internet.

Remote System Access.

Are you finding yourself tied to the backroom of your store? You can access your back-office functions from anywhere by switching to cloud-based POS software. You can’t access the key data of a legacy POS system because it only allows you to access it from specific terminals. Your POS system is available anywhere internet access is available.

This allows you to get important updates about inventory and vendor issues directly on your smartphone or computer at home. It also makes it possible to troubleshoot problems from home, rather than having to travel to the site. Cloud backup will ensure your data is safe and secure. Your data will be safe in the cloud, not on your storefront server.

Mobile Terminals.

Remote access to POS systems is convenient, but mainly benefits owners and managers. Let’s look at mobile terminals to see how cloud-based Restaurant Point of Sale Software in California can help customers and associates. This is how it looks. It’s Black Friday. The store is packed. The queue at the register is long and stretches across the aisles. Although your associates work as fast as they can to check everyone out and get them back in line, there are only two POS terminals. You could allow a third or fourth associate to roam along your line and check customers from their location using a tablet.

Scalable Solution.

Considering expanding your store into a chain? You might also consider buying the next-door store and expanding your inventory. Cloud-based POS systems are a great way to help you expand your store in a variety of ways.

First, a cloud-based POS system allows you to have easy and quick access to your key data. You can access your back office anywhere you are, and keep track of the business’s progress at all times. A cloud-based POS system allows you to access all data in your business regardless of where you are working.

Simpler Maintenance.

We discussed the maintenance issues that many retailers have with legacy POS systems at the beginning of this article. This is not surprising, as cloud-based POS systems can remove this headache.

Your POS system can be updated from the cloud. You can even update multiple stores or chains with one installation. However, all systems may be affected by the installation. A cloud-based Restaurant Point of Sale System in California will ensure that your terminals are always in sync. Every update and change made to your system applies immediately to all terminals. This ensures that all terminals, associates, and locations are on the same page.


A cloud-based POS system may seem more expensive than a legacy system at first glance. It’s true in some ways: Your cloud-based system will cost you every month, while legacy systems can be purchased upfront with one payment.

Cloud-based solutions will cost you less upfront. A cloud-based solution can be cheaper for installation and maintenance. Instead of hiring specialized staff or sending technicians to your shop, you can get the majority of the support that you need remotely from your software vendor.

Which is better, a legacy POS system or a cloud-based solution? You can have the best of both by finding a happy middle. ForkLyft is an all-in-one Restaurant POS Systems in California that provides security and stability for local databases, as well as remote backup and back-office options. This allows you to access your data from anywhere you are.

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